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The Maxwell vision is to have 1) students achieve academically and grow socially and emotionally, 2) staff thrive professionally, and 3) parents engage with their children educationally and socially/emotionally.


The Maxwell mission is to develop, use, and maintain organizational principles, policies, procedures, and practices that enable the district to realize its vision effectively and efficiently.


Value 1: We believe in providing high-quality service compassionately to military-connected children, whose parents provide valiant service to our Nation.

Value 2: We believe that kindness and empathy among educators and toward District stakeholders enhance the process of providing educational support.


The Maxwell AFB Elementary/Middle School, which houses grades Pre-K through 8, was established in 1963. MEMS is a Department of Defense Education Activity Americas (DoDEA-Americas) school. Since its inception, the school has provided educational services for military dependents living in permanent housing on Maxwell Air Force Base. Students who reside at Gunter Annex were declared eligible to attend in 2002. Middle School was added at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year. An ongoing pilot program, begun in 2021, extends eligibility to some military-connected students living off base. MEMS is in the Southeast District and part of the Georgia/Alabama Community, which encompasses Fort Novosel, Fort Moore, and Maxwell Air Force Base.

Students moved into a 21st century school building in 2020, after returning back from COVID-necessitated remote learning. The building includes 19 learning labs, situated in grade-level neighborhoods. There is also a gymnasium, performance area, and small group areas. Teachers collaborate in special work areas, located next to their neighborhoods. A partial renovation of the legacy building brought a science lab, art room, and STEM lab into usage in 2022. Construction continues on renovations that will house the middle school in 2024.

Eagles SOAR at Maxwell. All students are expected to be safe, be on-task, be accountable, and be respectful.


Students will have high academic achievement in math and literacy.

  • Math - The school-wide CCRS average from SY20/21 to SY22/23 was 59%, which is above a minimally desired score of 50%. Our goal is to achieve a school-wide score of at least 64% by SY 25/26.
  • Literacy - The school-wide CCRS literacy average for SY 20/21 and SY21/22 was 35. In SY 22/23 it was 36, which is below the minimally desired score of 50. Our goal is to achieve a school-wide score of 45, 10 points above the multi-year average for SY 20-22, by SY 25/26.

Teachers will have strong pedagogical skills, knowledge, and ability.

  • On indicator 12 of the Learning Walkthrough (higher order questions), Maxwell staff have scored a multi-year average for the past 3 years of 65%, which is below a desirable threshold score of 80% Our goal is to achieve a school wide score of at least 75% by the 25/26 school year.
  • On our FCOT observation form, for items 5.d (interventions) and 5.e (differentiation), Maxwell staff have scored above the desired threshold of 80% with a multi-year average of 89% in 5.d and 86% in 5.e. Out goal is to reach a score of 95% in 5.d and 93% in 5.e by the 25/26 school year.

Staff will have high emotional well-being and be socially connected to other District stakeholders.

Twice a year our stakeholders, including faculty and parents, are surveyed. We focus on three questions from the staff, #4 How much opportunity does your school’s leadership give you to provide input or feedback? #5 How much do you think your school’s leadership considers or uses your input or feedback? #6 How much do you think you get to contribute to your school’s mission? We are tracking the number of faculty that answer “quite a lot”. 

  • The multiyear average for question #4 is 60%. Our goal is to reach 75% by SY 25/26
  • The multiyear average for question #5 is 52%. Our goal is to reach 70% by SY 25/26
  • The multiyear average for question #6 is 51%. Our goal is to reach 60% by SY 25/26

Chain of Command

Ms. Hyde Assistant Principal

Dr. Anneliese Hyde

800 Magnolia Blvd Bldg 538
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6147
United States

Picture of Mr. Ismail El-Shaakir

Mr. Ismail El-Shaakir

800 Magnolia Blvd Bldg 538
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6147
United States

Enrollment: 462
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